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The incredible adventure of Light Warrior John Egnott in the late 19th Century fighting the Shadow Hierarchy in the UK and United States by using a new type of philosophical framework for controlling positive imagination energy to protect historical checkpoints for the Planetary Ascension Timeline, save his Twin Soul and remember his destiny as an Architect of Light. 

John can visualize a new Structure of Creation functioning with Crystal Technology, uses past lives connections through soulgroup structures to break Shadow Deals, discovers the Atlantis Hall of Records and much more, as an attempt to stop the Blackwell Enterprises from stealing the Earth into a parallel reality. Yet, is he truly capable of success or are all his efforts playing right into the dark twisted mind games of the Shadows?

The Family of Light had a responsibility through the Dark Age to protect the evolution of the young souls on the planet, but the Divine Plan to rebirth a New Eternal Society is in ultimate danger, since there is not enough energy in the Closed Universe to complete this enormous task.

John is brought time and time again close to the edge of realization to invent positive ways of solving impossible situations, but will he take no for an answer when he’s told that for the planet to survive he must let go of his beloved Alice and witness her be taken over by the Shadows as an ultimate sacrifice?

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