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John Vehadija Bio

John Vehadija was born in Bacau, Romania on August 23rd, 1984. He was brought up by his grandparents Helena and Constantine who inspired him to learn poetry, read the entire  Encyclopedic Dictionary and become a researcher of knowledge. At the age of 10 he moved in with his parents Anna and Theodore for some turbulent teenage years when although he excelled in school, especially at math and physics, he had trouble fitting in to the norms of the society, it was then that he discovered music and a passion for reading about unexplained phenomena to cope with his busy school schedule. For a couple of years he studied at a prestigious local high school while helping his father run a convenience store, as well as working as a part time clerk at another private school.

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John was 16 when due to difficult economic circumstances his family decided to let go of the past and start a new life in Toronto, Canada. He quickly adapted to the new lifestyle, evaluated his studies and graduated high school with honors, while working weekends at a restaurant. For two years John studied Computer Science at the University of Toronto, while absorbing a lot of extracurricular information which convinced him his destiny laid elsewhere.

In 2006 John spent a summer in Edinburgh writing poems and beginning to synthesize another  timeline for the planet based on alternative history. He finished the project the following year in the form of an 8 week course called ‘Guide to Ascension’ which he taught locally through different organizations. John was also invited to speak at meet-up groups and business breakfast meetings, while his poetry was featured in local magazines and calendars.

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As a natural progression, the following year, John discovered hypnotherapy and remembered the story of his past life, the basis for ‘I Am of Light’, which had turbulent effects on his current life both emotionally and financially. It was then when he first picked up the guitar and wrote songs about the kind of positive work he was envisioning.

By 2010, recovered from the shock, John created the INYTH Teachings, a consciousness training program which included hypnotherapy to heal past life traumas and anchor people to their light destiny. A book about it was released in the early spring and by the end of the year the official writing sessions for ‘I Am of Light’ began.

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In 2011, John released a short run for a book called ‘The 2012 Nexus - A New Beginning?’ which described his views of the energetic shift of 2012 explaining how parallel selves from the Omniverse would begin to download charge using avatar soul crypto-currency into the minds of people on the planet. New INYTH Teaching courses were taught with more success in Cambridge, Ontario. 

After some hard years, in 2013 John created the first Crystal Consciousness Blueprint followed by the Soul Stream Genewheel as the twin main pillars of the new INYTH-VEHADIJA Light Teachings. Two courses were created for them to explain how this soul technology worked and could be used to improve lives. 


In 2014, John invented the Crystal Avatar Table Format which can draw charge from the future time Singularity Avatar to create lists of destiny checkpoints and update the reality field of the planet. This began a huge download of information which prompted the completion in 2015 of a new course manual called ‘The 48 Vehadija Avatar Tables - Positive Light-Mind Re-Evolution.’

In 2016 John started traveling around the world for planetary activations and began major work on two upcoming Computer APPs called ‘The Jomacabi - Core of Creation’ and ‘Josemina: Light Mind Continuum.’ In 2017, John moved with his brother Charles to Vancouver  BC, where he began his all star cast music project Light Freedom Revival which kept him busy for the next few years with releases like Eterniverse Deja Vu and Truthonomy. 


On June 13, 2019, after 12 years in the making,  the book I Am of Light was released, a monumental 500 pages manuscript in Hardcover format, which John believes is a milestone in consciousness evolution, marking the beginning of a new Light Age for our planet. 

The future looks exciting as a new Vehadija store will open by the end of the year, as well as a myriad of musical projects. A series of book presentations is also in the works, where the readers will have a chance to learn more about John's story. Keep an eye out on the site for further updates!

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Selected Works

Eternal Tree Poetry Books

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Leap Into The



Poems From




Second Attention


An Idea Of Freedom


Ripples In

One Soul


Courses In Consciousness

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Course 4.png
Course 5.png
Course 2.png
Course 6.png
Course 7.png
Course 3.png
Course 8.png

Guide To



Soulplay Equation



Parallel Lives


Welcome To



Future Self






Light Mind



48 DNA Avatar Tables


INYTH 1. radiance of divinity, experience of the sublime, love/light 2. the aesthetic experience of the realization of the whole and the relationship of the whole and its parts 3. radiance as in when a fortunate rhythm has been struck by the artist 4. a state of heightened awareness when left brain and right brain are centered 5. a state of bliss 




Happy Future


The Divine Within


INYTH Aurora


Light Freedom Revival CDs

available at

Upcoming APPs

Eterniverse Deja Vu







Homeland Lifestar


Eterniverse Deja Vu.jpg
Whitefield (Homeland Lifestar) - Single.

The Core Of Creation


Light Mind Continuum


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