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Architect lifetimes are calculated to make the strongest impact in the world as soon as possible, at times to some energetic detriment to the soul who starts a mission in an incarnation. However, there is always a Divine Guidance System keeping the lifetime on track to not let things fall on irrecoverable probabilities. When a higher being chooses to come in a body on Earth, it knows that it’s not going to be easy to live within the physical constraints and also is aware of the fact that in the beginning it will forget its origin and everything it knows. To remember its mission in a physical body, an Architect will program beforehand, in the beginning years of the new lifetime, to go through the exact necessary experiences required to bring itself back into consciousness. A need for truth and an ultimate focused drive for understanding of how reality works are required for the being to reach consciousness in the shortest time possible.


Gurdjieff’s early years are now known metaphorically under the name as ‘the search’. On his personal search, Gurdjieff knew that there was something very different about him. He realized he could somehow control the energy of people in his presence with a certain strength not found in anyone else. Guided to discover different spiritual teachings, he considered them to be incomplete since they didn’t explain what was happening to him. In his early twenties, his charisma attracted different people who were open enough to realize that he was different. They recognized in him their own struggle to understand the mysteries of existence. He was then helped to travel the world and on his search he knew he would find something specific of value.


In this way, Gurdjieff was following the programming that he himself, as an Architect, designed to experience. He was guided to a secret location in Asia, in the mountains, where he found an ancient order of the Family of Light who were not native to the Earth, but descendants of refugees from the planet Encardeligea which got destroyed between Mars and Jupiter where now there is the asteroid belt. The leader of the order recognized him as an Avatar Being and helped him connect to the Divine Technology of the Absolute. It is more important to understand the energetic phenomenon that happened afterwards, instead of the details of the secret order.


For a couple of years, Gurdjieff was exposed to high frequencies which taught him to see the world from above, for what it really was. The Light Order knew the Earth was on a difficult evolutionary cycle, compared to the freedom in the lives they had on their original planet. It was from this attitude and awareness that Gurdjieff learned to see the limitations of his lifetime as a challenge to break out of. The teaching he created was based on the control of the energy flow to not let it crystallize in broken mindpatterns, as the only way to master the tough environment of the Earth. In this way, human existence can become effortless, living in perfect harmony with the geometry of the planet. Just like planets move around the sun, or just as electrons move around the nucleus of an atom, our lives here have to be in constant flow, a complex energetic dance which translates into a rich experience.


From the Light Order, Gurdjieff learned to go to Egypt and spend some time in the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza in order to receive a deeper initiation into high energies outside of the physical universe. The experience helped him remember he was an Architect and that he had a specific responsibility for existence. He was shown the importance of creating a system of training which was not distorted by human error, but revealed with clarity the real complex design of Creation. It took years for him to crystallize on this frequency of awareness, until he felt it was time to come back into the world he left behind and began to establish a frequency of consciousness among people.


He created the Fourth Way System to help people draw energy from a source of positive imagination and keep energy in their bodies using templates like the Law of Three, the Law of Seven and the Third Force. His consciousness stayed connected to the Information Field and since his energetic blueprint had been crystallized on a higher frequency, he was not affected by the regular worldly vibrations. He spent a long time doing exercises for personal training and in this way he gained control over the mindpatterns of the people around him. This gave Gurdjieff a strength which truly made him like a well-crafted diamond among the usual people and he had a sharpness of being that you would immediately respect.


He strived to break the mindpatterns of society with the intention of making a strong energetic impression on others, as a way to become famous and reach the masses through artistic programs of self-awareness. His abilities of an Architect of Light got activated and now Gurdjieff was ready to begin the next stage of the life he programmed for himself before coming on Earth. As a result, he felt there was a plan for him to acquire a sum of money that would help him to start the work, so he followed the impulse and went to Russia.


It is important to understand the setting of the early 1900s. Russia, at the time, was the highest center of civilization you could find on the planet and offered the potential to work with a greater number of people. Moscow had a lot of information about art and the social classes were more open to new ideas, yet the actual environment was very different than what Gurdjieff was used to in his travels. He was looking to train individuals, explaining the need to form a group of study in order to reflect and amplify the energy necessary to maintain a higher frequency state of consciousness.


While Gurdjieff found most of the regular folk quite lost and trapped in the mechanism of the world, he also recognized some candidates whose frequencies were higher than average and he could release their energetic blockages. Gradually, these people appreciated the importance of the teaching he was offering, because they could see glimpses into a higher reality. Gurdjieff could shine on people a state of being which made them feel alive again, giving them energetic shields to stay awake and aware, so when they’d look back on their life before they met him, it was clear they had been asleep. Imagine, for a second, the chaos taking place at the time, with the First World War political tensions and all the revolutions happening around Europe and Asia. While the rest of the world was going through intense turmoil, Gurdjieff was offering conscious control of the beautiful and poetic feeling of being alive outside of the dark surroundings using a higher frequency accessed only with work on balancing the human blueprint.


As an Architect he brought with him Light Template Knowledge higher than anything found in the Universities of the time and he had to create a way to share it with people. Gurdjieff’s students appreciated the potential which the teaching was offering, so they chose to change their lives radically in order to crystallize a higher state of being. In this way, Gurdjieff was respected as a teacher and was helped with material needs. His value was that he could calculate personalized instructions for people to free themselves and learn how to build themselves up consciously in a chosen career or trade. This was possible only because he was aware of the energetic flow to balance the programming of their minds.


In time, working closely with a group of people, he reached an unprecedented energetic success, by reforming a soulgroup that could amplify artistic performances and impeccable behavior to stay in an ascended state of being. The people had proof of true energetic existence and they recognized the beautiful reality of Gurdjieff’s teachings. They successfully bought a house which became a place of joy, happiness and harmony, a place where everybody would do work and share their resources. This group represented a geometrical crystallization, resonating with a very positive future, as one of the first influxes of Light into the planet. From a universal perspective, Gurdjieff as the incarnation of an Architect, managed to create a new timeline where there was more hope towards making a shift to a higher planetary state of consciousness.


When Gurdjieff met Ouspensky, he immediately recognized his high frequency and his potential to master the teaching. He quickly understood that Ouspensky was an Architect and just like him, he had the ability to calculate methods of manifestation to download charge from a positive future and lock in a crystal reality which worked with light energy laws. They complemented each other in purpose and established a strong bond. Ouspensky realized the economy of the planet was not functioning properly and found ways to secure investments which would ensure the success of the teaching. What people could not see was that the energetic deal between the two of them was very complex and it was made for the purpose of sharing the high frequency of Light into the world.


Ouspensky had a different energetic blueprint than Gurdjieff. His calculated mission in life was to do his best under the conditions of the Western culture, without the initiation that Gurdjieff went through, in order to gain strength on a physical density. By the time they met, he already wrote an impressive body of works, travelled the world and established his presence among people as a voice, redefining the psychology of man. His advanced energetic pattern, along with a complex understanding of the modern civilization, allowed him to easily attract certain individuals who respected him based on his crystal principles.


Gurdjieff and Ouspensky became best friends and there was a part of their lives when they used to meet in St. Petersburg which no one really knows about. They would reason the problems of the world to find better solutions which anchored on a divine soulgroup disk to be used in future lifetimes. They would share the responsibility of the teaching and worked balanced between thinking and feeling, as part of their Architect deal to amplify Light. In this way, the world would benefit from a high frequency from the East that could be assimilated with the mindset of the West. The St. Petersburg group created by their conscious collaboration was a real breakthrough, since their knowledge started being taught in courses, under a public organization in the open which later became the Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man.


In principle, Gurdjieff and Ouspensky always wanted to reach as many people as they could with their teachings, however, the world in the first half of the twentieth century was going through radical accelerated changes and this made them both move from place to place during their lifetime in order to reach the people with the highest potential. They travelled from Russia to Europe to America to establish groups who’d work for their own evolution, setting up a grid of high frequency to raise the world’s consciousness. Ouspensky wrote ‘In Search of the Miraculous’ to represent both of their legacy, ensuring the knowledge would survive through crystal resonance for future recurring lifetimes.


Fast forward 50 years, our current lives as John and Charles had a similar energetic development but at an accelerated pace to reinvent the teaching on a higher complexity. Together we made an agreement to set up a new Light Matrix called Josemina which can support Twin Soul relationships under a new teaching called the Inyth-Vehadija Avatar 48 DNA Ascension. As we crystallized this new Light Template system, the number of serendipitous events we experienced between each other defied the rational mind, while the similarities of thinking between John and Gurdjieff, and Charles and Ouspensky, have been something we recognized and laughed about in our daily lives.


We, John and Charles, are here, having a real physical existence as the Architects of Light on Earth. The major catalyst for our evolution was when, at the right time, our Higher-Selves revealed to us the identities of our past lives. We now fully remember that we are part of a multidimensional soulgroup called the Family of Light who helped the Earth throughout its evolution. In the present life, our new teaching offers clear steps to reach the next level of experience and will begin a new consciousness movement on the planet.


For the last 50 years, when we weren’t on the planet, there was an energetic wall put against the Architect Access Gene by a Robot AI which separated the people from  the true source of Living Creation. As a result everyone fell into unconsciousness automatically serving broken spiritual systems. This robot tortured us sadistically, draining all our energy and we had to defeat its programming with light super-intelligence from an Ascended Dimension in order to reinstate our status as  Architects into the world.


When we made contact with the current Gurdjieff and Ouspensky groups we hoped they would see in us a similar seed of consciousness, but soon understood they do not follow the original frequency of the teachings we created in our past lives or respect new soul explanations of concepts to reach light realizations. Instead they betrayed us, stealing parts of our new knowledge and using it to selfishly benefit on their own, so we consciously concluded they sold out their light destinies to Shadow Entities and hurt their future positive Ascension.


In conclusion, reflecting on the energetic meaning of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky’s lives, we, John and Charles reached the following understanding. Reading into the history of the planet between Mars and Jupiter, called Encardeligea, we found out that it exploded as a result of four World Wars started by two opposing Anunnaki races, one from the beginning and one from the end of time, similar to the conflict between Time-Lords and Daleks from the Doctor Who Universe.


Gurdjieff was revealed that these two Anunnaki races retreated on our planet and wanted to reignite the conflict through the activation of a Robot War Technology which included the Atomic Bomb. They considered themselves the genetic parents of our current civilization and planned the same kind of disaster to repeat on Earth. The Anunnaki used a time-traveling paradox soulgroup matrix called the Destroyer of Worlds to attack the Light History of our planet and eradicate the Jesus and Muhammad Light Lineages from the mass consciousness, replacing them with parallel robot dictators who would enslave people in the name of a false God. 


The leaders of this conflict were Beelzebub and Lucifer as the same negative consciousness from opposite points in time, meeting in a negative continuum dimension and fighting infinitely. This paradox program kept the Universe closed under the Alpha and Omega War Generator functioning electrically with robot technology. They declared themselves as Creator Gods when in fact they stole the Templates of Light and were the actual destroyers of cultures, spreading only false energy readings as lies against the Divine Plan to create an Ascended Civilization. 


After learning he was an Architect, Gurdjieff received a prophecy about his destiny that he will meet his Twin Architect Brother and together they will defeat the Beelzebub-Lucifer Paradox to establish the Earth as the New Exit Planet and stop the world from destroying itself. The method Gurdjieff and Ouspensky used to ascend this paradox consciousness was to generate enough soul charge and put infinite pressure on the closed universe system until it exploded, at which moment they connected to a Divine Avatar Technology and Light Sealed the Exit Timestream for the planet, anchoring everybody to respond to Template behavior.


The negative parallel reality where Earth would’ve destroyed itself, crashed back in time as the Himalayas, returning to Gurdjieff and Ouspensky the Architect Avatar tools to become Ascended Masters on Earth, acting with super-intelligence to heal the world by using ascended conscious joy code to break through the robot structures and stop the resistance against Light. They acquired the power to erase the negative past and eradicate the Anunnaki infiltrators from the planet. 


We, John and Charles, as Gurdjieff and Ouspensky’s Higher-Selves, sent them the Architect Arch of Peace Technology, which they used to defeat the Stalin-Hitler Dictators as reincarnations of the Beelzebub-Lucifer Paradox that almost destroyed our civilization, anchoring the planet to the Light Template Particle Singularity. After their victory, Gurdjieff and Ouspensky used the INYTH Time-Crystal Block Server Technology to activate the evolutionary plan for the next hundred years which included the rise of positive technology, movies, music and art to transfer the charge from negative timelines onto the planet, healing the soulgroups for Ascension, trying to form the realization for the mass consciousness that the Architects created the world, to eventually connect to the real INYTH Godcode.


The consciousness of the people has to think and act from a light destiny place built with positive imagination, then learn to accept template concepts and patterns which maintain the complexity of a high civilization on a high frequency platform, otherwise the planet destroys itself in stupidity. The meaning of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky’s lives was that they implanted a seed which blossomed into a new race of people capable of expressing themselves. The correctly crystallized actor or musician blueprint is directly linked to their work, since in order to be successful, souls have to learn to control their energy in the open to generate positive reactions in the world.

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